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Case Full Line Dealership Poster w/ 30-series and 1200 Traction King--6' long!
6' long, 2' tall, great color, does have some water damage and wear, but overall is a nice piece

Rare Advance Thresher Company banner Boy Glass Paperweight
4.5"x3", rare and near mint original

Super Rare MM Twin-City Exhaust Manifold Figural Ashtray
one of the prize pieces from the Erickson collection! 7" tall, 8" wide, cast iron base with cast aluminum manifold, some wear, but overall scarcity outweighs any condition issues

Oliver Slik Super 55 w/ 3pt hitch in original box--nice!
very nice, near mint toy! Box is also very nice, has all the flaps with light wear, rare boxed toy and this one is about as good as you'll ever find one!

AC D-17 w/ original Box--White Grill, White short decal, White Rims, & headlights variation--nice!
Toy is a super clean, near mint original! Box is complete and nice, has a few small punctures, but overall is an 85% condition box; box is not marked Ertl or Eska

Cockshutt 30 nf by Advance Products w/ Closed Box--Rubber Wheels and round diecast seat
paint is 90% plus, few light chips; box is complete, but has some crushing and general wear, box rates 70% condition; rare box that I don't believe we have ever handled before

JD #112 Chuck wagon in rare JC Penney's Brown Box--mint!
never seen this box before; believe it is the JC Penny's box; Wagon is plastic rims with the #112 #'s decals and near mint; neat piece

*MM Custom G-706 FWA Wheatland by Mohr?
no marked, believe a Mohr piece, super detail, front driveshaft is damaged and supports, very fixable. NO SHIPPING, to fragile

Oliver Slik Superior Spreader in super rare RED Box!
Gooseneck hitch spreader, near mint original; box is complete, one inside flap is torn off, but included, box has some light crushing and wear, but overall a good example of an exceptionally rare box!

MH Lesney 745D w/ rare original box!
Toy is nice, 95% or better; box is also nice and complete, square with all flaps, some general wear and tape on the flaps, but overall is an 80%+ box; made in London; we have never sold this toy in a box before

JD 3-in-1 Rain gauge-Thermometer-Barometer from Remsen, IA--Mint in box!
Very cool piece, super graphics, condition is nearly perfect, comes with the original box too; we have sold several of these over the years, this one is probably the best condition of any of those that exist!

JD 1928 Syracuse Barrows Full Line Catalog--Rare!
16 pages, full size, lots of color inside, coded A142-1928; light wear, very rare piece we have never offered before

JD "10-Companies" Celluloid Pocket Mirror--RARE!
one of the true holy grails for John Deere Collectors. List the 10 different companies that made up John Deere includes Dain, Fort Smith, Velie and more; 4" diam, mirror is good; Condition--has a crack on the right side running from the next of the Deere to the ring, not horrible, but it is there

JD & Velie Buggies Advertising Embossed Cardboard Calendar Top--Awesome
Beautiful piece! 15"x10", has a piece that sticks out that was designed to hold envelopes I believe; advertises "Compliments of Harry Leef--Deere & Emerson Lines of Machinery & Velie Buggies--Fonda, IA". No date or calendar pad, but has to be 19-teen's era. Beautiful condition overall, probably 1 of a kind!

Rare JD Large Grain Scoop with Model 40? Tractor Graphics & QFE Logo--Odebolt, IA--near mint!
Wow, what a great piece. 11" across; has a light scratch across the name, but overall is mint and unused

Case Custom 1470 Black Knight 4wd w/ Blade by Precision Engineering--Duals, 3pt w/ Quick Hitch & Cab--1 of only 2 ever built!
NIB, super sharp, only two were ever built with the blade, very cool

JD Custom WA-17 w/ Duals by ??
Looks like a Trumm Casting that has been all restored, metal has been smoothed out, nice glossy paint, very sharp piece

Cockshutt GOLD 1800 1966 Tractor Sales Award on Plaque--RARE!
Very rare, possibly one of a kind piece. Original old Ertl toy that was gold plated, was an original Cockshutt as you can see some of the red starting to show through, plate under the tractor reads "Nestor Googol, Winnipeg Branch, 1966", main plaque reeds "Membership Award, Cockshutt "100" Club for Outstanding Tractor Sales", very cool piece for the Cockshutt collector

Simpson Chrysler Powered Tractor Custom by Mohr--'92 Western Iowa Tractor Days
mint, very scarce Mohr toy of an unusual tractor, No shipping, local pickup only, too fragile



Erickson Estate Literature & Memorabilia Auction

Auction Starts: Friday, Feb. 12, 2016, 10:00AM CST
Short Description: The Jerry Erickson Estate of Lyle, MN Literature Collection--Oliver, MM, Rumely, JD, & more!
Auction Type: On Location — Online Proxy — Live Webcast

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Exceptional Vintage Farm Toy Auction

Auction Starts: Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016, 10:00AM CST
Short Description: Combining the Jerry Erickson Estate of Lyle, MN and the Norman Ambros Estate of Las Vegas, NV.
Auction Type: On Location — Online Proxy — Live Webcast

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Sioux Falls High-Quality Farm Memorabilia Auction

Auction Starts: Friday, Feb. 19, 2016, 10:30AM CST
Short Description: Rare pieces of John Deere, IH, Oliver, Cockshutt & More!
Auction Type: On Location — Online Proxy — Live Webcast

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Annual Sioux Falls Farm Toy Auction--The Big One!

Auction Starts: Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016, 5:00PM CST
Short Description: 4-wheel Drives, 1/8th Scale, Custom Built Tractors & More! All High-Quality from Start to Finish!
Auction Type: On Location — Online Proxy — Live Webcast

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